Ulla’s House

Leslie Cuyjet and Caitlyn Marz in choreography by Jessica Ray. Photo by Laurie Berg.

Located in a row house with some of the walls removed, Ulla’s House is an under-the-radar laboratory venue/event that encourages true risk-taking and supports the development of experimental new projects and ideas. Somewhere between a secret show and a relaxed house party, Ulla’s house welcomes audiences into an intimate, social relationship with performers, filmmakers and musicians.

Ulla’s House started in the winter of 2006 and is currently curated and hosted by Laurie Berg, Kerrie Welsh (film, video) and Sasha Welsh.  Sometimes it’s co-hosted by Ariel Polonsky.

Email ullashouse@gmail.com for more information.

Here’s a partial list of some of the incredible artists that have performed here over the years:

Carrie Ahern

George Alley

Maggie Bennett

Karen Bernard

Laurie Berg

Deborah Black

Megan Byrne

Bryan Campbell

Nicole Canuso

Liza Clark

Ashley Connor

Montzerrat Contreras

Karl Cronin

Alison D’Amato

Nicole Pope Daunic

Laura Diffenderfer

Meg Foley

Keely Garfield

Kristin Hatleberg

Mare Hironemous

Sally Hess

He Jin Jang

Deborah Karp

Gina Kohler

Yaron Lapid (UK)

Abigail Levine

Rebecca Lloyd-Jones

Sunshine Royanian Ludder

Barbara Mahler

Bessie McDonough-Thayer

Jen McGinn

Ryan Migge

Jessica Morgan

The Mural and the Mint

Bradford Reed

Megan Nicely

Anna Nuse/ Move the Frame

Jeso O’Neill / Robot Hands

Sari Nordman

Ariel Polonsky

Jessica Ray

React Dance (Jacelyn Biondo and Kristen Shaverdian)

Leslie Satin

Liz Santoro

Peter Sciscioli

Brandin Steffensen

Larissa Velez

Kerrie Welsh

Sasha Welsh

Marýa Wethers

Emily Wexler

Jessica Winograd

Sarah White-Ayón

J Why